Filament wound carbon tubes

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Опубліковано Tim Crossman 22 грудня 2016 р.

Tubes for bicycles and other industries. Carbon fiber: Toray T700, Mitsubishi grafil TR50s, Toho Tenax HTS40 and higher grades. Aerospace grade epoxy resins.

Our techniques

  • advanced CNC filament winding with true zero angles
  • roll wrapping
  • bladder molding

What we make

  • Tubes for bicycle frames. Layup is usually customized to your needs.
  • General purpose tubes: round, square, hexagon, oval.
  • Custom designed shapes and design.

Possible dimensions

  • Inner diameter: from 8mm to 350mm
  • Outer diameter: from 10 to 360mm
  • Wall thickness: from 0,5 to 50mm
  • Length: up to 1.05m for filament winding, up to 2 meters for roll wrapping.

All major equipment is designed and made in-house, including:

  • CNC 3-axis filament winder
  • Programmable oven
  • Mandrel extractor

If your needs are above sizes that we can produce now, but are massive or regular we can:

  • rebuild/create equipment that we have to complete your order
  • build filament winder with infrastructure at your place