Custom carbon bikes

Carbon fiber custom frames individually handmade created and crafted.

Our every bike is an individuality.

First we determine a type of bicycle, parts and characteristics needed. We make model, that fits cyclist’s weight and measurements.

Our technologies are flexible to use modern standards, but we don’t forget about old proved solutions. Next, we choose grade of fibers. Production processes are situated in Kiev, Ukraine. I use cnc filament winding to make carbon fiber tubes. Some frame parts and some frame types (monocoque) are made from prepregs in molds, using pressure and high temperature. We also use vacuum-bagging, when needed.

All materials are approved for use in aerospace and sport industries.

For frames, made by tube-to-tube technique we make assemble on a jig.

After that goes decoration, marking, packing and shipping to you.

What types of frames we make

  • Cyclocross
  • Minivelo (was on NAHBS 2016)
  • Road
  • Gravel
  • Track/fixie
  • Touring
  • Hardtail MTB
  • Tandems
  • Citybike
  • Cruiser  
  • Cargobike
  • Kid
  • Your ideas

Some unusual ideas and concepts welcomed.

Carbon fiber frame with custom geometry and layup. Weight 800-1300grams (depends on size and options).
Standard options:
Dropouts: horizontal, vertical. Can be made of hardened aluminum, stainless steel.
Gears: singlespeed or multispeed by your choice.

Bottom bracket shell: bb30, bb86, bb92, PF30, BB396evo, BSA.
Headtube: straight 1 1/8″ or tapered to 1.5″. Semiintegrated or outer headset.
Cable routing: internal or external.
Brakes: rim or disc (ISO or PM).
Seatpost diameter: 25, 27.2, 31.6, 34.9.
Finish: raw carbon fiber with UV protection.

Additional options (affect price):
Custom fork, bars, seatpost, stem made in workshop
Custom chainrings (stainless steel lasercut or CNC Alu)
Integrated seatpost

Flatmount disc brakes compatibility
DI2 compatible
Unusual BB shell (47T for example)
12K or 3K carbon fiber decorative outer layer
Custom paintjob
GPS tracker or RFID chip
* 142×12 dropouts

As you can see, a lot of options available. I’ll help you to make right choice. Also, whole build can be done. As a bicycle producer I get components for better prices.

Most of other types of frames can be made.

How to order

Everyone has his own formula of an “ideal bicycle”.

Major part in development is determining your requirements to bicycle. We have to know what discipline do you prefer, what loads will be. We take all neded measurements (can be done distantly). Also, we can use your professional bikefit profile.

If you have your wishes about frame geometry, we can take them into work, but without lack in safety. In some cases we can totally make frame by your own drawings.

We also adopt frame to components, that you plan to use, or make full recommendation list for components. As a bike-builder we have good prices for bicycle parts.

Be free to tell about your vision of desirable bicycle:


Standard warranty – five years.
Extended warranty – lifetime.

Humidity and ultraviolet don’t affect lifespan.

Pricing and payment options

Price of bicycle or frame depends on components, options, geometry, size and other parameters. We don’t have stock or standart frames. All are custom made to measure. And you can get it just for 1500$ (starting price). Full builds starts from 2000$.

After determining all requirements we fix exact price.

50% prepay (via PayPal invoice). 50% is payed after order is ready.

Time needed for making a frame

From 1 to 6 months. Depends on workshop load and difficulty of exact model.

Wish you have great rides!

Tim Crossman