What we do

Carbon fiber tubes and components for bicycle framebuilders, aviation, sporting. We use our own made cnc filament winding machine. That gives a possibility to make any angle of layering. From 0 to 90 degrees. All angles are positioned in one winding session. Fibers are tensioned and compressed.

Custom carbon fiber frames and forks with individual geometry for amateur or pro-sport usage. Creating unique types of bicycles in cooperation with famous engineers and designers.


Ukraine has all conditions for making high-tech carbon fiber bicycles. We have very strong engineering school here. First carbon fiber bicycles in Ukraine were made on late 80’s on Antonov airplane serial plant. And they won world track championship in mid 90’s. Then were banned by UCI, because big manufacturers couldn’t switch to such advanced techniques and designs.

I’m sure, that these possibilities have to be used. I see myself as a bikebuilding driver, creating not only workshops, but also the whole infrastructure for custom bicycle making.

Carbon fiber as a material

Carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic is a mix of epoxy resin and carbon fibers. Unique quality is in mix of such characteristics like: strength, rigidity, vibrational damping, fatigue resistance, low weight. Exact characteristics depend on technologies used, fibers orientation, type of resin.

Major advantage in using carbon fiber for making bicycle frame – we can make it flexible in one dimension and stiff in other. Just where it’s needed, according to type of bicycle, and physique of cyclist. You can ride with more comfort, but still fast and efficient. Or get super stiff performance bicycle. It’s all about your needs and imagination.